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LNG Business Systems

Modern business solutions for LNG Terminals 

LNG (liqufied natural gas) has important role as cleaner energy source for several purposes e.g for maritime traffic. Crementum is one of the rare companies that can fully support LNG terminals to run their business efficiently by automating their vital business functions. LNG terminals have special business logic that require demanding functions in the systems. Also analytics is vital for the system to get clear picture about current situation.     
Industry specific ERP and reporting/analytics (BI), plant maintenance, LNG automation  are systems and functions, that are used in energy sector are all familiar to Crementum. You get real benefit when systems are working seamlessly together and there is no need for manual work for data transfer between systems. Also it is important that processes are planned throughout all systems.
The terminals have different ways of delivering the LNG or NG. The most common is truck delivery, but also fairly usual are bunkering and pipeline delivery. This needs to be correctly invoiced and measured. LNG has also special feature, that its nature changes during time so demand planning optimisations is also very important. 

Special it architecture ensures efficient operations. New cloud services give possibilities for quick and cost efficient implementations. Crementum has long experience with different operational softwares for cleantech companies. 

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