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Energy Customers

Reference cases 

Manga LNG Terminal is the largest LNG Terminal in the Nordic region. The purpose of Manga LNG ltd is to be import terminal for liquefied natural gas (LNG) and to create an effective logistics chain to supply the LNG.The LNG terminal includes LNG tank with a storage capacity of 50,000m³.


LNG is more environmental friendly than fossil fuels used currently in industry, maritime transport and energy production. LNG reduces carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particulates emissions considerably.

Crementum has been supporting with business and ICT development since March 2016.

IT-Program started with mapping of business systems and overall architecture study. Based on the study, business systems were acquired.

Enterprise system software (ERP) was acquired for the terminal. ERP has been implemented step by step and first production use was financial management. In the second phase, a logistics and billing section covering LNG reception, pipeline delivery, trucking and ship bunkering was implemented to support demanding industry specific scenarios.

Comprehensive business analytics and reporting has been implemented to support full visibility to business.

Green Energy Customer in Central Europe

Crementum made full analysis of most suitable maintenance systems for energy customer and helped with selection and further analysed the future possibilities.